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About using this Website

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It is our intent to provide a simple method for science educators to find interesting and motivated scientists in their area and bring them into the class room.  Using the knowledge that student enthusiasm for science improves with good role models.

The effect of a role model project upon the attitudes of ninth‐grade science students

MA Evans, M Whigham… - Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 1995 - Wiley Online Library

It is important to note that Science Speakers cannot guarantee or vouch for anyone on this site; the speakers on this site might not have any experience working with students.

How to get the most out of Science Speakers:

  • A good start would be to use the Browse and Search Users link to see what information other people have put in their profiles, either as engineers and scientists or educators. This can help give you a sense if there is anything that you can use or contribute.
    • Search for researchers nearby, people with interesting expertise (renewable energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology...), people with prepared presentations, teachers looking for speakers or any combination of these or the other fields filled out upon registration.
  • Register with us. Fill out the different fields with anything you feel might be useful.  (If you have a different idea of what you want to share with this community than what is currently out there, by all means include that as well.)  
    • If you are uncertain what to enter in a given field mouse over the "i" icon for a brief description of that field.
    • Everyone must register if they want to contact someone using this site, even educators.  This is for both security and software reasons.

  • Continue to look through other profiles and update your own as the community continues to grow and develop.
  • Via email work out all the details of a speaker's visit as far in advance as possible.  It is important to correspond beyond a few emails, and to make sure that appropriate activities and expectations are selected for each class.  Phone conversations and/or meeting in person are encouraged, but the details of planning are up to the individuals involved.
    • Make sure everyone understands the goals and logistics of all activities.  For example: The teacher should be aware of the content the speaker will present and the speaker should know what will be expected of them as well (Will they be giving simple question and answer, or will they be asked to provide an activity or lecture for all or part of a class, as well as the length of each class and the number of classes involved.  Will lunch be provided by the school for an all day series of activities or should the speaker pack a lunch? etc...)
  • If for whatever reason you wish to remove your registration just contact the Science Speakers administrator.
  • Help spread the word at work and on Facebook and Google Plus!



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